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Chasing happiness is our thing…

Venngo is Canada’s most recognized and North America’s largest provider of private group discount program. Proudly Canadian, we have been pioneers in the employee benefit industry for over 20 years.

Employee happiness is at the core of our business philosophy.

We relentlessly seek out the most competitive deals and discounts from trusted local and national retailers from across North America. With thousands of perks currently available, and new ones popping up daily, there’s always something new and exciting for you to discover.

WorkPerks helps you create happier times for your employees.

Every month, companies are saving their employees millions of dollars with WorkPerks.

We’re a growing business too and we love our perks.

We don’t just talk about positive workplace culture and experience, we live it. Our team loves WorkPerks and love to share their favourites.


This #staffpicksunday, Marketing Operations Manager Matt wants to shares his favourite #perk, Adidas.

Matt is always decked out in trendy Adidas wear, and loves using WorkPerks to save 25% off regular priced products and 15% off outlet products online at!


This #staffpicksunday, Customer Success Manager Bach wants to share why he loves SellOffVacations!

Bach loves to travel, and loves the great deals he gets through WorkPerks. He just saved a lot of money on a recent trip to Cuba! ✈️🏖 #workperks #memberperks #customerperks